Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Lives of Presidents Wives

I can personally remember thirteen presidents and their wives. (I told you I was old.) This is what really gets me about the Republicans claim to moral superiority and "family values."

The virtues,accomplishments and family values of all the First Wives since WWII are as follows;

Mamie Eisenhower, Patricia Nixon and Betty Ford, all Republicans, suffered so severely from debilitating alcohol and/or drug addictions through most of their adult life, that it was public knowledge.

Three of the wives of Republican presidents, Betty Ford, Patricia Nixon and Nancy Reagan, were former actresses, chorus dancers or aspiring actresses.

Of the six Republican wives in this time period only three went past high school. Three had four year degrees (Nancy Reagan's was in Theater Arts.)

None of the Republican wives ever held public office or served in a public capacity beyond their own personal charities, such as The Betty Ford Foundation", a for profit facility for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction or Nancy Reagan's interest in stem cell research because of her husbands Alztheimers condition.

Church attendance prior to their husband's attaining the presidency was scanty at best for almost all the Republican wives, as was their husband's. Nancy Reagan's interest in Scientology and Astrology became controversial when it became public knowledge that she was setting her husbands agenda according to the predictions of her personal astrologer.

Of the seven Democratic wives their are no debilitating addictions. Evidently democrats can't dance or sing as their are no actresses, dancers or singers. Five had four-year degrees. Four of those earned graduate degrees and two of those four earned law degrees. Two served ambassadorships and one went on to serve in the U.S. Senate, ran for the nomination of the Democratic party for the presidency and currently serves as United States Secretary of State.

Eleanor Roosevelt and Bess Truman were Episcopalian and regular churchgoers. Rosalynn Carter is a devout Baptist, as is Michelle Obama. Hillary Clinton was raised in the Methodist church, was very active in it and still attends church. Lady Bird Johnson was presented the Congressional Gold Medal and The Presidents Medal of Freedom for her efforts on behalf of the environment. Rosalynn and her husband together were awarded the Presidents Medal of Freedom.