Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This morning I recycled our pop cans. This may not seem to be worth noting to you but here it is a celebratory event! We drink a lot of pop.

My method for dealing with the can situation is this. I hang a Walmart bag by the back door where it bangs us on the head when going in and out. When it bangs hard enough that means it is full and needs to be tied, taken out and tossed into the old smokehouse where Pansy, the Great Pyrenees sleeps. Maggie, the Aussie, sleeps there too although Maggie pretty much only sleeps at night while Pansy, since her retirement, pretty much sleeps day and night. The cans rattling around don’t bother Pansy any as she is ten years old and deaf. Maggie doesn’t mind the can thing unless I accidentally hit her with a bag of them.

Anyway, today was the day! I started about 8:30 this morning and was on the road by 10:00am. I told you we drank a lot of pop. There was a whole truck load of them but I don’t have a truck so it took awhile to get them in the car.

First I emptied all the Walmart bags into some commercial-sized trash bags John left up here when he last worked on the house. I had eleven bags full and could tell by the time the pile of Walmart bags was down to about knee high that the Buick was too small. Now I knew the rest of the cans had to be squashed so I jumped up and down on the Walmart bags until they were squashed enough to fit in one big bag. I made so much noise Pansy rolled over twice and Maggie hid out down by the gas tank.

I had five bags in the trunk so the lid had to be tied down with a bungy cord. I really like bungy cords. It occurred to me that it was just as well that the Proud to be a Democrat bumper sticker was not visible with the trunk up. The back seat held six bags after I slammed the door on them and one oversized black bag sat in the front passenger seat. I would have painted a face on it but thought it might have drawn attention to us.

At the recycling place the lady counted out cash for 89 pounds of cans and it was a good morning.