Thursday, March 11, 2010

Title: We are Seven
Author: William Wordsworth


…I met a little cottage girl,
She was eight years old, she said;
Her hair was thick with many a curl
That cluster'd round her head.

She had a rustic, woodland air,
And she was wildly clad;
Her eyes were fair, and very fair,
--Her beauty made me glad.

"Sisters and brothers, little maid,
How many may you be?"
"How many? seven in all," she said,
And wondering looked at me.

"And where are they, I pray you tell?"
She answered, "Seven are we,
And two of us at Conway dwell,
And two are gone to sea."

"Two of us in the church-yard lie,
My sister and my brother,
And in the church-yard cottage, I
Dwell near them with my mother."

"You say that two at Conway dwell,
And two are gone to sea,
Yet you are seven; I pray you tell
Sweet Maid, how this may be?"

Then did the little Maid reply,
"Seven boys and girls are we;
Two of us in the church-yard lie,
Beneath the church-yard tree."

"How many are you then," said I,
"If they two are in Heaven?"
The little Maiden did reply,
"O Master! we are seven."

"But they are dead; those two are dead!
Their spirits are in heaven!"
'Twas throwing words away; for still
The little Maid would have her will,
And said, "Nay, we are seven!"

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Who says there is nothing funny on TV anymore?

Who says there is nothing funny on TV anymore?

I'm really looking forward to the new season of Dancing With The Stars. Remember Tom DeLaY?? Besides, the news is just hilarious. I laughed so hard over the New York Congressman's quintuple tickle-me-Elmo thingy (that some evil people misinterpreted) with his five bachelor staff members I almost cried... ..... I think they just have the really dumb ones do these things so we won't get too depressed over what the too-smart-for-our-own-good ones are doing.