Sunday, April 18, 2010

Internet Career on the Ropes!! My Red and Blue Collide

My internet career is careening out of control! I now find that my capacity to offend, alienate and enrage is expanded far beyond my neighbors, acquaintances and immediate family! Go figure!

As an unmarried progressive feminist in a very red section of a very red state I recently made an attempt to do a little “reverse reach-out” in an effort to see just what it is about us liberal progressive types that so infuriates my neighbors, co-workers and fellow red-staters.

I tried watching Fox News but became so confused trying to follow Glen Beck’s little white-board thingy and so distracted by Ann Coulter’s Adam’s apple going up and down and all the former beauty queen “You Betcha’s” the whole thing was lost on me.

I even relented at one point and responded, very politely, to an insult, (which I get daily and generally ignore) from one of my customers at Rudy’s Discount Smoke Shop regarding my Proud to Be a Democrat bumper sticker. My thinking was that we might exchange some enlightening dialogue but he just wound up threatening to shoot me with the gun that he swore “no #@&**N..%## was going to take away from me even if he did think he was president.”

I made an effort to engage some young(er), cosmopolitan progressives thinking that their advantages in education, international experience and lifelong freedom from any physical or financial hardship might give them a leg up on understanding and consensus building. Not so. They just as readily took delight in proclaiming the French as their “bashee de jour” and espoused the plight of the poor Islamic woman and her right to wear her burka as their “cause de jour”. Like we don’t have enough causes right here to fight over.

It didn’t take long to confirm my suspicion that there are definitely wackos on both sides of the spectrum with both groups totally convinced that they were the “real people” and the others were simply “the others” and should be disinherited from all good things due to their ignorance, lack of values, absence of taste etc…

I did, however, find two instances of common ground in these two disparate groups.

1: They both seem to hate the French, a people I always had rather benign thoughts about and couldn’t help being a little grateful too because of the La Fayette thing during the Revolutionary War and the aid to New Orleans in the War of 1812..and then I always did like French fries and never could remember to call them Freedom Fries. And there was that French lady in Paris one night who walked a block and a half in the rain with us, after midnight, to make sure John and I understood the directions to a hotel with a vacancy ….And

2: Both of these groups seem to absolutely and totally believe that they are “the real people” or even “the real Americans.” Everyone else is an adversary and sometimes a downright enemy. This concept seems familiar. Hmmm..

Is it a little similar to the many tribes, primitive and otherwise, throughout history who have referred to themselves as “The People”? Have we come no farther than that?