Tuesday, March 30, 2010

On a Roll for Spring

Well, I'm definitely on a roll.

I made two loaves of bread and they are delicious, I cut my hair and look three months younger, the lilies, iris and tulips are popping through the ground and I have a line on a rocking horse for Ms. Ainsley. I hope she likes it.

I do love spring.

The tractor man has promised to come and plow the garden, the lawn mower man has promised to come rehabilitate the riding mowers, the mechanic has promised to do a brake thing on my car Wednesday, John plans to work on the siding soon, I have two new front tires and had the front end aligned ..on the car not on me.

I am glad to get this all taken care of. That way the choking and gasping when I open my bank statement will only occur once.

But I do love spring.

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