Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter, the Time of New Beginnings

Around here Easter is the real beginning of the year. It comes at the most marvelous time.

Just a few short weeks ago sleet and ice lashed and beat us. But now, in an eye blink of time, all snow and ice is gone and nothing but green stretches away across the pasture. Newborn calves dot the fields passed on my way to work and geese, who never do anything quietly, wake me early with the whoosh, whoosh of many wings and their excited discussion of travel plans laid down in their DNA by ancestors almost as old as the earth over which they fly.

The mother skunk who lives under Rudy’s Discount Smoke Shop, where I work, is not to be seen. I suspect she is tending a new family and the occasional white-tail does seen at the roadside are more alert..on guard and newly slimmed, from their late winter birthings.

The neighbor had the first yard sale of the year and “Eggs for Sale” signs are being posted up and down the road. I am anxious for the “perfect conditions” necessary to spring plow the garden. It has to be right. Not to wet… not too late…

Yes, Easter is the real New Beginning. I hope and pray a good and happy one for all of you.

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