Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Had lunch with John today at McDonalds in between his work hours and my trip home from the Doctor in Kansas City.

I got to tell him all about what I said and what the doctor said and what all was wrong with me, ( I was attacked by a shopping cart in a 30-mile-an-hour wind) and how it would get fixed. I think John really enjoyed this little chat. I know I did. You know how us old people like to discuss such things.

Also the doctor was very nice to me. I think it was more than just that doctors are always nice to old people. I can’t help but think he was impressed with my style sense. John thought the brown sweater and electric blue blouse was a real eye catcher but as for me the gray plaid pants were what really set the outfit off. And no, I did not wear my tennis shoes, even though those little pointy toed slipper things hurt like the devil and made me limp. It reminded me how my knee hurt so I asked the doctor about that too.

I had to wait awhile in the little room where they put you at the last, while the doctor looked at the latest x-rays and the MRI. I betcha I glow in the dark by now. I will report on that later if I can stay awake late enough to notice.

They had some really neat charts on the wall with pictures of all sorts of stuff that can go wrong and I found one I thought was probably my knee and it said that forcing the leg to turn too sharply caused a tear in the messeosis or something. Sure enough, when I told the doctor the problem with my knee he said, “It is probably a torn messeoiss…..” Heck, I bet I could be a bone doctor.

On the way home I stopped at Sarah’s office and told her what I said and what the doctor said and all about the messiosis thing and we had a nice chat too but her eyes were bothering her or something because they kept wandering to a stack of papers she had on her desk and back to the computer and when she looked right at me her eyes looked kind of blank. I hope it’s nothing catching.

I’ve had my fill of doctors for awhile.

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