Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Will the Real American Please Stand Up??

If like me, you are a proud and patriotic white Christian American that’s great. But whatever would make us think that we were the only “real” Americans? The facts just don’t support that.

The current crop of radio talk show hosts, (almost all of whose ancestors were late-comers to “the American Experience” having arrived with the 19th century influx of German and European immigration,) have mysteriously convinced many United States citizens that they are the “special” ones who carry the “white man’s burden” and are under constant threat from foreigners of other races, religions and complexions who have “stolen their country”.

They pledge, with copious tears and hoarse shouts, their intention of “taking it back”.. They propound the idea that “their America” and that of their listeners, was thought up, fought for, financed and otherwise earned by none other than white, mostly protestant Christians.

You don’t have to know a LOT of history to see how wrong…and how dangerous… this concept is.

Although most of our Northern European ancestors have been spared our American denigration, old Europe’s mindset continued alive and well in regard to Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Scots, the Irish and French. In spite of their enormous contributions these groups have, in their turn, suffered the hatred and condescension of their fellow Americans.

But this was and is wrong headedness, and anathema to what America really is.


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