Saturday, October 24, 2009

Guess what!! My stock portfolio is almost back to where it was a year ago when all this stuff went down. I bought Ford Motor Company at $1.30 and it is now almost $7.00 a share! I have made a killing! I wish I had bought more than 7 shares!

Unfortunately I bought twelve shares of GM stock at the same time following the old theory buy low sell high! Also my nephew, Mike works there and I was sure he would not allow the stock to go down. Well, I guess he was out to lunch the day they threw it off the Stock Exchange. It is now worth far less than good North Missouri dirt.

But I am not totally despondent. I am my father's child after all and have fond memories of Daddy's exciting schemes that had the capacity to make us all rich and catapult us into the resistant lap of the luxury we longed for.

The day a neighbor's vagabond horse came to call triggered Daddy's latent dream to join the circus. The escapee was extremely tame, (and extremely old,) so my brother and I were able to catch it and play all afternoon on it. To my brother and I it was a very satisfactory event on a summer day but to Daddy it offered a spectacular potential for gain and fame. As soon as he got home and saw that the horse would patiently "stretch", that is stick the hind legs back and the front legs forward, with only a slight whack on the back of the front leg, he took over the horse and worked diligently to discover any other circus tricks the horse might know and want to impart to us. If I remember right that stretch was the only act in his one-horse repertoire but that didn't really matter.

Sometimes the significance is not in the result so much as in the dream behind it.

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