Thursday, July 22, 2010

Can good really come from evil after all?

If this is at all possible is there a clearer demonstration of it than in the unfolding events surrounding the personal and professional assassination of Ms. Shirley Sherrod, and her subsequent rejection by the very people who should have defended her most vociferously.

By now it is clearly evident that the original attack on Ms. Sherrod was not only blatantly fraudulent but orchestrated and manipulated by those whose sole objective is to cripple and embarrass all minorities including and most particularly the current president and this administration.

In this case, the administration’s commitment of zero tolerance regarding racism and scandal resulted in a careless over-reaction and neglect of inquiry. The instigators of this event and their FOX friends could hardly hide their glee!

However, Ms Sherrod’s personal story of life as it was in Baker County, Georgia in the 1960s, (and it could have been any one of many other southern counties in several other southern states,) retelling the horrific details of the conditions under which Black Americans strove to survive and raise families is a powerful one and worth hearing again. Her story reminds us that civil rights is much more than the right to strap a gun onto our leg or avoid paying taxes.

The opportunity thus granted her by this debacle to speak to a national audience, whose members may still be young enough to have no clear perception as to what civil-rights is all about or how vigorously they must be defended, is priceless. They now are reminded that IN THEIR PARENTS’ lifetime a sheriff could murder and rape with impunity, hooded men could rob and plunder and the poor and/or black had no recourse whatsoever.

Just when they thought we had forgotten what really went on in those enclaves of “social superiority”, Ms. Sherrod, a lady who has heretofore lived quietly and serviceably, in her community, has been given the opportunity and the grace to retell the remind make us remember…

I think this one is going to bite the perpetrators of this little saga in the backside.

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