Wednesday, July 21, 2010

..a Godly Maid..

Remember the recent PP account of family history in which it was necessary, for reasons of historical purity, to mention the wayward daughter of one of our first immigrants, Thomas Lewis? The irrascible Mary Lewis whose husband spent his fame and a lot of fortune defending her sullied honor in New England's Puritan courts?

Well, thankfully, our family escutcheon has been unbesmirched by our Lamb ancestors, also residents of New England in the 1600s.

(To those of you unfamiliar with the word escutcheon used in this sense it has multiple meanings, according to Wikopedia's wiktionary:
One being a shield displaying a coat of arms representing a family's honor and two: ..the distribution of pubic hair. You may have only been using it in the latter definition while in this instance I use it in the former.)

Anyway, as indicated by the record from Early New England Migrations below, we are vindicated.

MARRIAGE: (1) By 1624 Elizabeth _____ ; "Elizabeth the wife of Thomas Lamb" was buried at Roxbury 28 November 1639 [NEHGR 6:183].

(2) "He afterwards married Dorothy Harbitle, a godly maid,

Recent family history aside, I choose to believe we are descended from "the Godly Maid".. So there!!

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