Sunday, March 21, 2010

International Poetry Day

Today is International Poetry Day!

In celebration of the day, and in recognition of my own very bad poetry I looked up the definition of poetry as the erudites of the world see it. Well, you don’t want to suffer through most of the very complicated definition given by those very smart people but I did glean a short blurb that I could relate to. According to those that take it upon themselves to define it…

.. While there are reasonable interpretations, there can never be a definitive interpretation….

Well, that’s the sorry truth for sure. Nobody ever understands the stuff I write. I get pretty tired of hearing..”..but what does it mean..??” ..or watching peoples’ eyes glaze over at the third line..

But I like to define poetry as some writing that has the ability to take you to another place emotionally. Poetry helps you to see and hear and feel someone else's thoughts and emotional place and to throw yours out to the world.. Poetry is a connection between what lies beneath the surface of our selves and each other.

Poetry is emotion in song. It gives a voice to fear without retreat, joy without conceit and sorrow without despair.

Poetry is a good thing. We should read more of it.

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