Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It Wasn't My Fault!

Dang near caught the house on fire this morning but it wasn't my fault!

The blinds over the sink got melted and now have a really strange droopy look. The reason the blinds got melted was because the kitchen sink faucet dripped into the skillet that was left on the fire too long. Water on a grease fire makes the fire part jump way up!

The reason the skillet was left on too long was because of the cow tracks on the patio. Now I don’t know how city dwellers look upon cow tracks on the patio, but in North Missouri it is not a good thing. The cow foot prints were very large ones and went across the yard to the road!

I was frying hash browns when I noticed the footprints. It should have just taken a second to let Bingo back in after her morning jaunt but she had something in her mouth. I stepped out to see what it was and to make sure she didn’t carry in a piece of the dead deer, probably road-kill, the dogs had dragged into the yard a couple of days ago. It wasn’t. It was a piece of a dead chicken that had appeared in the yard alongside the deer. Did you ever notice that everything looks so untidy this time of year?

I had nothing to do with the dead deer or the dead chicken in the yard!

I no longer have cows and these cows were not my responsibility but I tracked the tracks back to the barn. This meant the guy who rented my pasture forgot a step in the procedure before he put cows in last weekend. He did not shut the barn door. That is the Lord’s honest truth. For some reason he didn’t think the cows would step up the two steps to go in…and out of the barn.

I don't know how ANY of this could have been construed as being my fault so I repeat. It was NOT my fault.